Welcome to my home page - not a lot on here right now as 99% of my work has been on two other, much larger, websites. This site contains stuff related to me, and bits of my work that doesn't fit in anywhere else.
The domain name was chosen purely because I liked the sound of it. "Egyptus" means nothing, however it was the name of a planet in the 1987 Spectrum computer game Head Over Heels, which just so happens to be my favourite computer game of the 80's.

The Your Sinclair Rock'n'Roll Years
Started this in August 1997. This is my largest website, containing over two thousand pages. A nostalgic look back at the times when computers were simple, yet still very fun to play with. Contains news, reviews (there are hundreds of original Your Sinclair articles on the site) ratings, screenshots of games for the Sinclair Spectrum computer, Flash movies, Java applets, as well as a search link to the World of Spectrum Archive for each game mentioned so you can download and play the games for yourself, providing you have a Spectrum Emulator. Attracting over 1,000 individual visitors every day, this site has firmly established itself as a central part of Spectrum retrogaming.
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The Tipshop
A central archive of all the hints, tips and help for any Spectrum game. A massive undertaking and now supports a few thousand games. I created this website with Gerard Sweeney, with loads of help by other good people, in May 2001. Already it's got a bit of a cult status.
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WipeOut! - A Java strategy game My first Java game, a strategy game for two to six people, and I think it's rather good for a first attempt. Plenty of sound and graphics to build up a tense atmosphere, and things can get very very competitive. This game, when played by six players, has been known to cause violence!
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Also keeping an eye on YS HyperCapers - a Java game I started writing yonks ago but never got around to finishing, and not likely to ever do so now I've taught myself Flash programming. It's a simple shooting gallery game, but minus the actual game part ;)

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